UNESCO's global Young People Today campaign needed high-quality videos and a top-performing website to increase its international impact by boosting its initiative to promote education and sexual health among young people in more than 19 African countries. We are proud to accept this assignment and give Young People Today the tools it needs to raise its cultural impact, bringing it to new levels of scope and success.

Techo operates in 19 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, with the initiative to combat poverty and transform cities. This organization required the best professional help for the renewal of their online presence and the creation of videos that would boost their efforts by attracting volunteers and informing about their work. We took care of that, as well as helping this organization to manage their projects by providing information on our work methodology, so that it is easier to work effectively with all of their volunteering. Thanks to this, Techo today witnesses a greater capacity to be a force for positive change, helping millions of people.

The Canadian Red Cross needed the highest quality professional video editing to present in several languages their support to Haitian communities affected by the passage of Hurricane Matthew. We are pleased to have helped this organization, which today can continue informing the public about the crucial work they do for the benefit of thousands of people.

Sigma works in the field of engineering and construction at Calgary, Alberta (Canada). They came to us in need of a renewal for their image and the development of their digital presence, with effective online marketing that conveys their professionalism. We are proud to have given them that result, seeing how in a few months their clientele and businesses have expanded. We also added value to their businesses expansion process by developing a web database that capture the best subcontractors in each area in the regions they work with.

Mindcore is a pilates studio located in Calgary, Alberta (Canada), that required their identity’s development as a brand from scratch and a web presence that works optimally for their of its business expansion in a highly competitive environment . We accepted that challenge, and today we are thrilled to see how Mindcore enjoys growth and success in its field.

Bocachico is a professional creative agency of growing influence in Latin America that needed a unique website that reflected its inventive potential and attracted more customers. Considering the demands of the market, we created a high performance website with a unique design, these improvements became their main tool to expand their business and increase its relevance.

This home renovation and protection company came to us urgently needing a redesign of its entire brand and an online presence that would increase their income as soon as possible. We work on it with a strong emphasis on Search Engine Optimization. Thanks to this, today CVI can boast a growth that could never have been achieved without a digital work of the highest quality.

Palenque Tours, based in Medellín (Colombia), urgently needed changes to its website in order to organize and optimize their information, besides guiding them to create a marketing strategy that would increase its revenues and success in the demanding market of Travel agencies on the Internet. We took care of that, giving Palenque Tours the necessary tools to achieve it and to always be a step ahead their competitors.

Hunt Coulee Village quickly required professional assistance for the optimization and management of its digital platform and a website renovation, with the purpose of obtaining financing for its work of integrating senior citizens in a villa, where they can enjoy their golden years. We loved giving this organization the high-level help they needed. Thanks to this, today they have a multi-million dollar financing that allows them to move towards their goals.

Salir del Pais: Salir del Pais needed an online presence and a powerful marketing strategy to carry out its motivating and ambitious project of supporting Hispanic immigrants worldwide through relevant content for them, also creating an entire Internet community. We accepted the challenge, and currently Salir del Pais is having a unstoppable growth, while contributing to the personal development of thousands of Hispanics.

Tomahawk Inspection: Tomahawk Inspection is a Canadian company specialized in non-destructive testing in industrial companies, which was frustrated by its efforts of gaining relevance and increasing their incomes through the Internet, until they came to us, and we gave them the web presence they needed with urgency. We are proud of providing them with everything they needed to increase their reputation and clientele in a matter of weeks.

Cellar Direct. This online shop of exclusive wines needed to adapt to new markets to not become obsolete. They came to us to create a new shopping app, in order to increase their sales and online relevance. We accepted the commission by designing an elegant mobile application from scratch, which today positions Cellar Direct as a benchmark in its industry and brings it closer to new customers as their profits grow.