5 Easy and Effective Ways to Monetize Your Blog


If you’ve read the latest articles we shared in 1Entity, you’ll know why your company needs a blog, how to write better content on it and which are the types of posts that will conquer your audienceNow, it’s time to talk about what could maybe be most important to you: how to monetize your blog.

There are many ways to achieve that, but I believe the following are the easiest and most effective. Of course, not all of them work for every kind of blog and content.

The application of these techniques to generate income with a blog, will depend on its nature (is it a personal or a company blog?, what is the theme?, etc), it also depends on your patience and perseverance.

Although, you could try testing at least one of these ways to make money.

1. Make affiliate marketing.

Did you know that 40% of marketing professionals say that making good affiliate marketing is the digital ability they desire the most? (Source).

Here is a brief definition of this way to make money on the web: “It is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.” (Source).

In other words, affiliate marketing works like this:

You become an affiliate of a store or business → you promote that store or business (or products) on your website → when you have generated a sale or significant visit (depending on the affiliation agreement), you get money for it.

Amazon Associates is a classic example of a program for affiliate marketing. This program provides you with a special code that you add when you link an Amazon product from your website, so you can earn money; up to 10% in sales commissions.

Monetize blog with affiliate marketing

Previously, I’ve written about mistakes you should avoid when doing affiliate marketing. Keep them in mind and avoid them at any cost if you want to succeed.

2. Use advertising banners (very carefully).

There is a lot to be said against and in favor of advertising banners.

Basically, the truth about display advertising boils down to this: If the advertising you place on your blog is of interest to your readers, and it is not invasive, then it’s a win for your audience, the advertiser, and you.

In other words: if your advertising is not thematically relevant within the blog, and also tedious, you will fail. That’s why you need to be extremely careful to succeed with this classic way of monetizing on the web.

Some of the simplest ways to begin placing ads on your website, while  keeping control over what you want to display, are Google Adsense and BuySellAds.


3. Sell a product (ebook, webinar, course).

If you like reading blogs, probably at some point you have come across a blogger who offered his ebook, a webinar, or a course on his blog.

This type of digital content is relatively easy to sell (if you know how to do it correctly) to the audience that already reads you and shows interest in the topics you tackle on your blog.

Darren Rowse of Problogger has reported earnings of over $72,000 a week after launching his ebook. This is an example of how profitable this can be.

Of course, you’re not Darren Rowse. Surely you do not have a wide audience like him. However, this type of evergreen (always current) resource, can generate money even months or years after you publish it for the first time.

Try it: start monetizing your blog with paid digital content.

Some plugins in WordPress that can be useful to create your own courses are Zippy Courses, WP CourseWare, Woothemes Sensei and CoursePress.

4. Offer personalized assessment.

Imagine you have a blog about pet training.

In your articles, you demonstrate your experience and gain credibility. Your readers begin to love your content, but several of them want more personal consultation on how to take better care of their pets and plan workout routines.

In that case, as many others, you can monetize your blog by offering consulting services – personalized advice. You can charge the consult by the hour through some means like Skype or Hangout.

Michael Hyatt, bestseller author and leadership specialist, is an example of how to increase your income with your blog by offering this kind of exclusive services.

Michael Hyatt

5. Sell sponsored publications.

As your blog grows, it is more likely that companies or individuals would want to advertise their products or services on it in a much more enjoyable way than simply paying for a banner on your website.

They may want to pay for publications on your blog, such as sponsored articles, which is something you can use to increase your profits while your readers benefit (as long as the content is relevant to them).

Final words

These are just a few easy ways to monetize your blog. But remember:

  • It is crucial that you analyze which of these forms of monetization can best benefit your audience. You do not want to spam or diminish your readership , right?
  • Patience is key in monetizing your blog. You may have to wait a considerable amount of time to begin seeing results. However, with good advice, that time can be greatly shortened.

Whether you are interested in affiliate marketing or other form of monetization mentioned here, contact us at 1Entity and we’ll make sure that your blog can add value to your readers while increasing your income.

Josué Barrios
Former Online Strategist at 1Entity. Social Communicator with experience in Digital Marketing and Social Development Campaigns. Chronic bookworm.
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