10 Myths You Should Know About WordPress


There is a great variety of web content management systems nowadays. Among them is WordPress, which is the most popular according to Wikipedia.

Despite being widely known, WordPress doesn’t escape rumors and uninformed opinions being spread by some internet users, that end up being no more than myths. Here are some of them:

1. WordPress is right for my blog, not for my company

On the contrary! This content management system (CMS) is very versatile for any content.

In fact, there are thousands of plugins specially developed for WordPress that allows you to make a single information site as well as a completely interactive online store.

2. It’s not secure, is very vulnerable to spam attacks

Even though it’s a fact that being such a popular platform makes it a target for many malicious developers, WordPress is a few steps ahead.

Its software is continually being updated to prevent any malicious attack. Besides, it offers several safety tools to maximize your website’s security.

3. WordPress isn’t very customizable

This is as accurate as a 4 dollar bill.

Thanks to the hundreds of tools and themes available for this CMS, you can have a great starting point according to your specific needs to begin personalizing it even further, having a fully functional site adapted to your personal style and needs.

4. WordPress websites don’t rank high in search engines

“Google loves WordPress.” —Matt Cutts (Chief of Search Quality Group at Google)

I’m glad to say this is false. WordPress was designed taking SEO into consideration; built with a solid structure and organized codes to achieve a correct indexation in the different search engines.

Besides, with the use of the tools available in WordPress’ built-in administration panel and the extensions available in the market, you can maximize this aspect.

5. If I’m not a designer, I will have an old-fashioned site with WordPress

Not at all! There are hundreds of themes and templates in the market, both paid and free, with different design and styles that adapt to any particular taste and requirements, thus allowing to create a fresh and modern site that can be updated anytime!

6. WordPress is not right for e-Commerce

Two out of the three most important qualities of this content administrator are its flexibility and scalability; these allow your website to quickly transform from a simple blog to a complete online store with all it’s features and services, without having to rebuild your site from scratch.

Thanks to its alliance with WooCommerce and all the tools available, you can turn any site into an online store.

7. If I migrate to another hosting service, I will lose my site built in WordPress

Wrong. The third main quality about WordPress is its portability. You have the option to migrate your site to and from the hosting of your choice just with the use of extensions.

8. True web developers create their original codes without the use of CMS

Not at all! Most expert web developers rely on Content Management Systems due to their solid code structure which allows them to save time and potentialize other functionalities on the website.

WordPress is a free code system. If you are a developer, you can contribute to the community with your codes (if you wish to do so) or just personalize your website even further.

9. Javascript or PHP codes can’t be embedded in WordPress

This isn’t true, within the vast variety of tools for WordPress you can find several extensions that allow you to include PHP and javascript in specific pages or the whole website.

10. There are no famous companies using WordPress

To refute this last myth, here’s a list of some relevant websites developed in WordPress.


There are many reasons to choose WordPress as your Content Management System, among them, are saving time, money and effort.

However, if you don’t have the time to do so or want to leave it to the experts, contact us, and we will gladly do all the job for you!

Gioselym Romero
Former Web Developer at 1Entity. Computer Engineer with experience in Web Programming and Android Development. Fan of the smell of chocolate flavored coffee.
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