7 Key Truths About Having A Successful Brand Image


According to many; number seven, even for some magicians, is considered the lucky number. But to have a successful brand image requires more than luck. It even needs some magic.

To reach the ideal brand image, you must have several obvious points and build a base. It is not good to create something out of nothing just because we wanted to.

Whatever is designed must be built with a purpose in mind. It’s about creating a design that ties your prospects and even yourself. It must reflect what you are creating and dreaming.

The first step to creating a successful image begins from the moment we think we want to create.

The logo, graphically, will be the best friend of the brand image and it’s the first element that will help define everything that will be developed later. Based on it, we will establish rules so that our image is the one, following fixed parameters.

To help you create all this, let me give you the seven fundamental truths to have a successful brand image.

1. Create a logo that transmits

To create the right logo, you must ask yourself two things:

  • Who am I going to direct?
  • How do I want to direct myself?

Your logo should answer those questions. That’s why it’s crucial to define what you want to do clearly.

Remember that the logo will be the primary image of the brand next to the name, and is the first thing many will see. It’s your visual cover letter.

With that in mind, you need to be clear about the elements that will be part of your logo, and understand that they must relate to the meaning of the brand.

The first four points of this list focus on the aesthetics of the logo because it will rule the whole image of your brand.

Your logo matters

2. Use the appropriate colors

One of the most characteristic elements of a logo are the colors, that’s the main component that will help you convey what your brand means.

Colors communicate sensations and, depending on the purpose of the brand, are used in combination.

The color psychology is an important issue at this point, for a successful brand image.

For example, why do almost all food brands have warm shades like red and yellow in their logo? Because both colors are sensitive to the human eye, they are attractive, strong, and reflect warmth.

Each logo, through colors, must communicate what the brand wants to make known and create an identity customers can connect.

Colors are crucial for a successful brand image

3. Choose the correct typography

Typographies, like the colors, are part of the elements of the logo and is the most direct means of communication by reading.

The composition of typography and colors will create what has been sought to reflect, what the brand wants to communicate.

Letters can give you what colors can’t. The name, in most cases, makes clear that the brand will dedicate.

You can play with several typographies, but it is advisable not to use more than two because it could create noise in the composition. By using two, or one, you can create the balance and harmony you need to finish the logo.

4. A successful brand image is different

By having a similar target, it is likely that the colors of our logo (and the brand image itself) are related to our competition’s one.

That’s why you must innovate when creating the brand image, to have something that stands out from the ordinary.

It is always possible to achieve that, and thus have an identity that will last and transmit what is desired correctly.

5. Understand that design is not everything

Although we talk about the brand image, not everything that implies is a matter of design. To define how the design will be, we must investigate and come to a conclusion on how the brand should be directed to its consumer.

The psychological component is a major factor, whether associated with colors or figures, to create an emotional bond with the client.

6. Be iconic and humanize the brand

For the visual identity of a brand to be successful, it must last in time and become an icon.

The composition created between typography, graphic elements, and colors, should make this possible, considering the truths mentioned before.

Whether its shape, meaning, or visual impact, there are many ways your brand can become iconic and easy to recognize.

Yes, your brand could be iconic

7. Don’t lose sight of your image rules

When creating a brand image, you must define certain parameters of what should or should not be used.

This not only applies to the logo, but this thought is also projected much further.

The creation of the logo is only the first step, the basis for your brand to finish grabbing the desired personality and thus follow a few parameters to maintain these principles.

When creating a website, stationery, or anything else that is related to the brand, don’t deviate from the truths mentioned above, or the main thought you want to convey.

Your image must be organized, reflecting the same content, not to disrupt or detract from the visual projection of the brand that was developed from the beginning.


For a brand image to be successful, it must go through a delicate study of how its final version will be. Every decision you make will affect it. That is why you must work to improve it, to contribute as much as you can.

This takes time and patience, but the result will be the one you are looking for, as long as you follow these seven truths that will guide you in the search for a successful brand image.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you want to know how we have helped different brands to be successful, have a look at our clients.




Juan Cutillas
Former Graphic designer at 1Entity. Design Business Administrator. Believer of cuticorns. Still waiting for the letter from Hogwarts.
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