Brand Image: Its Importance And Steps To Build One


The concept of brand refers to the perception and emotional response to a company, product or services; the relationship between the product and the consumers that lead them to choose it over others.

The image describes the visual components that represent a company, products or services, it’s the first impression on the consumer’s mind and generates remembrance.

This means that the most basic way to define brand image is the perception, ideas, concepts, visual, communication and other differentiators, ergo its personality. It is what creates a bond with the consumer.

Graphic design plays an important part in creating your brand’s image since the combination of fonts, colors, and visuals are the very first encounter that consumers will have with it. Here, I explain the eight steps required to build a strong brand image.

1. Define how you want to be perceived

It is crucial to match the expectation of perception to the type of product you are offering; this will make increase the probabilities of your target identifying with your product. To do this, you should ask yourself two questions: what is your brand? How do you want others to see you?

This gives a guideline to follow when designing your image because it influences the fonts and colors you will select.

2. Know your audience and your competition

While it is important to do things to your liking, you must remember whom we address when designing for acceptance.

First, you need to build an audience profile: who they are, what are their tastes, age range, which brands do they like, etc. The second thing you need to do is a study of your competition: style, popular brands, differentiators, marketing strategy, among others. That will give you a better idea of your customers’ needs and will lead you to any empty niche in the market that maybe you can cover.

Everything is about having a clear target: who you’re talking to, where you want to go and who you want to attract to create an accurate image that allows you to do so.

3. Build a personality

The brand image extends beyond the visual aspects. Visual identity is used for first impressions, but subsequent communication should be consistent with your image. For example, if you have a brand with a sober image, communication should follow its line.

The image design can help set the tone of your communications. A brand’s personality is defined and written as if it was a human being. Is your brand male or female? How old is it? What are its hobbies? What are its values and life goals?

4. Create your logo

The logo will identify your brand visually in future content. It consists of the name of the brand and can be comprised of any element that defines you. It is the visual representation of your brand and what will create an instant association to it.

5. Develop a color palette and fonts

Colors play a significant role in your brand’s image; colors can generate individual perceptions, emotions, and feelings toward your brand. It is advisable to use up to three colors that complement each other to keep consistency in communication.

6. Be consistent

This may be one of the most important things when creating a brand image. Brands are what their visual identity and personality are, so consistency in both aspects is what makes a strong brand.

7. Join online platforms

Today it’s necessary to have an internet presence, whether you build a website, plan an e-mail campaign or join social networks. It’s been awhile since the latter are no longer purely recreational, but constitute an important platform to promote your brand, make it known and interact directly with the consumer. However, not all platforms are suitable for all brands.

8. Create original pieces

You can not promote a single brand with just its logo and personality, but these two pillars will be present in all communication pieces that must respond to the same identity. If you create graphic and audiovisual pieces, your brand will become increasingly lodged, defining its personality to distinguish and differentiate it from others.

María Cristina Sánchez
Former Graphic Designer at 1Entity. Visual communicator, obsessed with aesthetics and passionate advocate for animals. Is afraid of cockroaches.
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