7 Key Truths About Having A Successful Brand Image

To have a successful brand image requires more than luck. Here are some key truths that will help you.

Marketing And Branding: 15 Quotes You Need To Read

Never underestimate how the power of a good quote can render your thoughts about marketing and branding. A brief quote -a short thought- despite of its simplicity, is capable to help you think in new ways when you’re seeking to understand and improve your efforts to advertise your brand, service or product.

5 Websites To Download The Perfect Font

How many times have we stared at our computer or sketch book trying to find -or draw- the perfect font? It’s well known that an image says more than a thousand words, but in this case, fonts can even express a concept.

Brand Image: Its Importance And Steps To Build One

The concept of brand refers to the perception and emotional response to a company, product or services; the relationship between the product and the consumers that leads them to choose it over others.

How To Humanize Your Brand For Social Media

Humanization is key in modern web. People go to social media to contact and connect with friends and family, meet other people, stay up-to-date with current international events and to feel emotions. That’s what your brand needs to show if you want to be a Social Media King.