10 Web Design Trends To Follow In 2017

Remember: What yesterday was modern and innovative, today is out of date.

Basic Course Of HTML And CSS, Part 3: More CSS

We already learned a little of HTML and got familiarized with CSS syntax. In this third part we will learn more about CSS.

Basic Course Of HTML And CSS, Part 2: Learning CSS

In this entry, we will continue with the basic course of HTML and CSS. This time, we’ll be learning CSS.

10 Common Lies About Web Design You Need To Stop Believing

I invite you to review this list of the most common lies about web design that you need to stop believing, because we are on 2017, right?

Basic Course Of HTML And CSS, Part 1: Learning HTML

In this course I will teach you to create a website from scratch, which you can use as a personal portfolio or for showing your business information. The idea is for you to be able to use the basic tools to create a website whether you know about programming or not, which we’ll be looking into in much more detail in every step.

Creating A Toggle Menu With Ripple-Effect [Material Design + jQuery]

In this simple tutorial we will use the wonders of Material Design and jQuery to create a toggle menu with a ripple-effect.