7 Irrefutable Laws To Increase Your Influence On Twitter


Do you know how to increase your influence on Twitter?

When 83% of the world’s leaders are on Twitter, alongside 66% of the large enterprises in the United States, you shouldn’t underestimate this 140 characters social network!

Here’s everything you should consider to be successful on Twitter, increasing your followers and interactions:

1. Publish your best content several times

In my experience as a digital marketing professional, I’ve noticed that many brands don’t have the success they expected on Twitter just because they don’t re-publish their best content. Yes, you read that right.

Maybe, you’re not very interested in the idea of re-publishing, but consider this: while on social networks like Facebook your posts can have a long life, it’s very different on Twitter, because your tweets may become unnoticed, buried under tons of new tweets per second.

Twitter’s best feature is immediacy, therefore, why not publish your best content more than once, so a larger number of followers can notice it? They expect that that’s the reason they follow you.

At 1Entity we use Buffer, my favorite tool (I’ll get into it later), to see our best tweets with most interaction and reprogram them on Twitter with a simple click.

Here are some of its advantages:

  • It increases your scope and impressions, by having more posts.
  • You get more retweets if the content is good.
  • It brings more links to your website.
  • You save yourself from creating more content for Twitter.
  • Much more!

Just try it: Re-publish your best tweets. Carefully, of course, without ceasing to create new content.

2. Be quick in replying to your audience

You should consider having personnel in your company dedicated to responding to your clients and audience in social networks.

Here are a couple of reasons for that:

  • 60% of Twitter users expect that brands respond to their questions in less than an hour (source).
  • Companies that use Twitter for customer service have 19% higher performance in consumer satisfaction (source).
  • 76% of users are prone to recommend the brands that provide good attention in social networks. (source).

Look how Apple does it:

Be quick in replying to your audience

Worth imitating, don’t you think?

3. Make tweets with images your priority

Times of tweets with text only are in the past. Therefore, you should ask yourself this question: am I adding beautiful images in my tweets?   

According to a study, tweets with images get:

  • 89% more likes.
  • 150% more retweets.
  • 18% more clicks.

That’s why at 1Entity, one of our rules is to publish content with high-quality images.

Make tweets with images your priority

That’s why I recommend you get a professional designer in your marketing team dedicated to social networks.

4. Program your tweets in the best schedule

Due to Twitter’s immediacy, the time frame when you publish your tweet is crucial if you want to gain some success in this social network.

Buffer’s team analyzed more than 4,8 millions of tweets to discover what’s the best time to post, and this is what they found out.

  • Early morning hours seem to be the time when tweets receive more clicks.
  • Afternoons and evenings are times when tweets have more likes and retweets.

However, in some cases, the times of more engagement are inversely related to the best moments to tweet, and they tend to differ according to time zones.

This chart presents the best times to post tweets:

Program your tweets in the best schedule

If you want to know more precisely the publishing times, I recommend you use the Buffer Analyzer.

5. Have a coherent and active image

Your brand image is important, and one of the keys to be successful is that it must keep its coherence throughout your platforms.

Here you have an example of how the pop-rock band Coldplay does it, keeping their Twitter profile adapted to their style:

Have a coherent and active image

Look at it this way: To seek success on Twitter without taking care of your visual image is like going to a job interview with your worst outfit.

6. Connect with influencers

An influencer, as the name suggests, is a person capable of having influence over your target audience in social networks.

That’s why, to gain influence on Twitter, is crucial you contact this kind of people to be the spokesperson for your brand.

Consider the following data:

  • 47% of millennials say their shopping decisions are influenced by social networks (source, 2015).
  • 74% of people go to social networks looking for guidance when they are going to buy something (source, 2014).
  • 49% of individuals say they base on recommendations from influencers to make purchase decisions (source, 2016).
  • 73% of marketers have in their budget a considerable amount of investment destined to influencers (source, 2015).
  • Having influencers promoting your brand could raise your ROI (Return On Investment) up to 11 times more than another form of digital marketing (source, 2016).

So, what are you waiting to connect with influencers you trust for your ideal audience?

7. Take advantage of the trends

The power of knowing the regional or global trends is a Twitter feature that Facebook has tried to emulate.

If you want to know what people is talking about, look at the picture of trends, it will help you know what you can post.

Take advantage of the trends

Of course, you must do this very carefully because your brand may not have any relation (or have anything to say) with most of Twitter trends.

In this matter, it’s crucial you consider what characterizes your brand and what’s the message you want to transmit.


To be successful on Twitter, you need to understand the immediacy that characterizes this social network and the importance the visual aspect plays on it, besides the importance of providing your followers with good service.

These elements will get you to publish in the best times, republish your best content and take advantage of the virality influencers and well-exploited trends can provide. Just like that, you’ll be able to raise your influence on Twitter.

Of course, there’s much more to say about Twitter (and other social networks!) to know more about how we can boost your social media presence at 1Entity, contact us now.



Josué Barrios
Former Online Strategist at 1Entity. Social Communicator with experience in Digital Marketing and Social Development Campaigns. Chronic bookworm.
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