We manage your advertising on the Internet so that you reach your ideal audience and acquire more customers.


Why do you need display advertising?

Simply put, Internet Display Advertising refers to the use of ads (advertisements). These ads can come in different formats: text, audio, images and videos.

By creating effective display advertising strategies on platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, among others, you can take your brand and company to new levels of value and success.

The platforms mentioned above allow you to segment your advertising efforts and ensure your ads will be viewed by the target audience at the most effective times.

This will allow you maximize your return on the investment (ROI) while increasing your profits, thanks to the tremendous possibilities offered by the Internet. 

In addition, having a good display advertising strategy will help you to:

  • Collect new information about your consumers and target audience, which will help you optimize your advertising campaigns on the web.
  • Automate and simplify your efforts in digital marketing, while your profits continue to increase.
  • Continuously improve your campaigns with the use of A / B tests and advanced ad distribution options. 

A service tailored to suit your needs.

We love providing you with customized service because we know the difference it makes in PPC results optimization.


Expand your possibilities.

We take care of your display advertising optimization on platforms like Google and Facebook with remarketing and other advanced options.

Administration to maximize ROI.

Our international experts will work to maximize every penny you decide to invest in display advertising.


This is how we work

At 1Entity we are passionate about working in an agile and effective way. That is why we have specialized in the SCRUM work methodology; A methodology also used by companies such as Amazon and Microsoft.

  • Once you contact us, a member of our team will personally speak to you, to further elaborate on what you want, be it web design or redesign, we’ll guide you on what you need most. That team member will be your main channel of communication with 1Entity.
  • Next, a multidisciplinary team will be assembled, considering the members individual and joint strengths, chosen specifically for your website project.
  • This team will conduct a sprint — a to - do list with a deadline — following our SCRUM work methodology, optimizing your website's creation or redesign process.
  • Beginning with visual design, and going through processes like hosting comparisons and installation of necessary plugins, our experts will be in charge of achieving the goals set in the fastest and best possible way. 

Contact us to capture your online audience.