We take care of you to help you succeed in the Play Store and the Apple Store, with apps that will multiply your earnings.


Why do you need an app on Android or iOS?

Now that more than 80% of Internet users own smartphones, it is vital to take advantage of mobile devices to connect more with your consumers, increase your revenue and relevancy.

A powerful app will allow you to:

  • Have a direct marketing channel with your consumers, while providing them with value.
  • Be visible to your customers at all times through their smartphones.
  • Cultivate commitment and loyalty in your consumers, increasing your closeness with them.
  • Build on your brand even more, acquiring greater recognition while differentiating from your competition. 

A service tailored to suit your needs.

We love providing you with customized service because we know the difference it makes in helping you succeed with new apps.


Maximum security.

We have application development experts who will work to make your app secure and your investment safe.

Maximum performance and design.

Not only will we make your app work properly, but it will also look attractive and capture your audience.

design mobile

This is how we work

At 1Entity we are passionate about working in an agile and effective way. That is why we have specialized in the SCRUM work methodology; A methodology also used by companies such as Amazon and Microsoft.

  • Once you contact us, a member of our team will personally speak to you, to further elaborate on what you want, be it web design or redesign, we’ll guide you on what you need most. That team member will be your main channel of communication with 1Entity.
  • Next, a multidisciplinary team will be assembled, considering the members individual and joint strengths, chosen specifically for your website project.
  • This team will conduct a sprint — a to - do list with a deadline — following our SCRUM work methodology, optimizing your website's creation or redesign process.
  • Beginning with visual design, and going through processes like hosting comparisons and installation of necessary plugins, our experts will be in charge of achieving the goals set in the fastest and best possible way. 

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