7 Types Of Blog Posts That Will Captivate Your Audience


I already explained why your company needs a blog (before it’s too late) and how you can write better content. Now, it’s time to share with you which type of blog posts will captivate your audience.

First, it’s important to point out that this list of ideas is not exhaustive. In fact, the possibilities that a blog brings are enormous.

However, these are some of the easiest and safest ideas to implement (depending on your company’s niche, your targets, and your strategy, of course):

1. Study Cases

If you want to captivate your audience, don’t only tell them about what you do. Show them what you have done, how it has helped your clients and what you can do for your readers.

For example, look how Drip does it on its blog:

Study Cases

It’s not a surprise that 62.2% of marketing agency executives say that study cases are useful to generate leads (source)

Remember: Your consumers want to trust you and they have needs that your company can fulfill. Therefore, a simple way to gain credibility is by posting this type of information.

In fact, at
1Entity we are getting some study cases ready, to publish them in the following weeks.

2. Tutorials and educative content

Don’t be afraid to post tutorials on your company’s blog.

Yes, you might show your consumers how you get some things done, but more importantly, other than making them depend on you or your company you will be gaining credibility. Besides, you won’t tell them everything.

In fact, here, at 1Entity we’ve been taking advantage of this kind of content, by regularly sharing a tutorial that my coworker David Castillo prepared for our consumers about HTML and CSS.

Neil Patel, one of the most influential marketers in the world, is an example of how to reach success by publishing educational content.

Tutorials and educative content

I think the most immediate example I can show you of how tutorials and educational content can help you captivate your audience, is this article that you’re reading.

While you read me right now, I’m trying to teach you something valuable to help you reach your goals. That creates a particular connection between us, right? 🙂

3. Infographics

Everyone loves infographics. They are easy to read and share, while visually very attractive (if you read them correctly).

In fact, Neil Patel has written that it’s possible to duplicate your traffic online, creating infographics. Yes, you read that right.

Here is an example of a successful infographic from Copyblogger that has generated more than 264.000 shares through different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, among others) and it keeps generating traffic despite being published over five years ago.


(Yes, infographics can have a long life.)

4. Interviews

Interviews of outstanding people in your industry (and also those who love your services and products) and influencers that could add value to your audience are an excellent way to increase your credibility and expand your scope.

That’s why it’s not a surprise that top bloggers like Tim Ferris, still interview other leaders regularly.


5. Lists

A study made by Co.Design revealed what should be obvious for all of us: lists work well on the internet.

This is why at 1Entity we have published several articles that consist of lists, such as:

Here you have an example of how Buffer publishes relevant lists for its audience (Social Media professionals):


Would you dare to make lists? I assure you it’s one of the best types of content you can implement on your blog.

6. Compilation of links and resources

Yes, at 1Entity we’ve also published this kind of content (using lists!). Here are some examples:

Again, look how Buffer does it to add value to its audience:

Compilation of links and resources

7. Podcasts

Why have your podcast only in iTunes or Soundcloud (or any other platform of this kind) when it could also be on your blog?

In fact, SignalLeaf.com has published three reasons why you should release all the episodes of your podcast in your blog. (By the way, did you notice this is another list?)

These are:

  • You could improve your SEO
  • Half of your audience will listen to the podcast through your blog.
  • You can add transcription and a resume of the episodes.

Here you have an example on Michael Hyatt’s blog:


Try it out: Add your podcast (if you have one) on your blog and be ready to see your scope grow. If you don’t have a podcast yet, consider starting one.


There are several types of blog posts that you can publish on your company’s blog to captivate your audience.

I encourage you to test these type of contents and determine for yourself what provides you better results.

Of course, inbound marketing is much wider than what I’ve shared with you until now. So, if you want more success in your marketing efforts, I invite you to know more about what we do in 1Entity.

See you next time!



Josué Barrios
Former Online Strategist at 1Entity. Social Communicator with experience in Digital Marketing and Social Development Campaigns. Chronic bookworm.
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